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About Weight Classes and Making Weight

What Can I Wear on the Platform

What Logos can be on my lifting apparel?

Common Q and A

How Does the Event Flow?

How Can I Tell if an Event is Already Full?

My Doctor Has Prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy, What Do I Do?

How Do I Change My Weight Class if I’ve Already Registered for an Event?

I’ve Registered for an Event, Now What?

How Do I Get Started in Powerlifting?

Choosing Your First Event to Compete In.

Most Common Mistakes Made in Competitions.

I Disagree With the Calls the Referees Have Made, What Do I Do?

Let’s Talk About Drug Testing.

Warm Up Room Etiquette.

How to Enter a Team in an Event

Can My Family and Friends Come Watch me Compete?

Am I Too Old or Young to Compete in an Event?

Do I have to Wear a Singlet in a USA Powerlifting Event?

Do I Have to Wear Shoes When I Compete?

Do I Have to Get Naked for Weigh-Ins?

Will I Have Time to Warm-up Before I Compete?

What Bars Do We Use at Our Events?

Can I Wear Gloves During the Competition?

Can I Use Chalk During the Competition?

Becoming a Referee, Time Commitment and Expectations.

How to get my Rack Heights

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USA Powerlifting is a drug tested federation. This applies to medications your doctor has prescribed for you as well as any illegal substances. If your medication is on the prohibited list, you are not eligible to compete with USA Powerlifting. This includes hormone replacement by cream, oral or injection. You can check your medications on these links.


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Volunteer at Washington USA Powerlifting events

We are always looking for volunteers for various jobs when running powerlifting events. Please get in involved and volunteer at a local event! Just fill out this form if you’re interested in volunteering.

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Be a Mentor at the Next “Rookie” Event

We need your help! The “Rookie” events are special events where we pair brand new lifters with Mentors during their very first USA Powerlifting event. It’s designed to reduce some of the anxiety of competing for the first time.

Keep an eye out for our next “Rookie” events. If you can help out in any way, please complete this form. I will send out emails to all my volunteers a few weeks before the event. Thank you for your continued involvement in Washington USA Powerlifting!

I want to Volunteer

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Do you want receive news about USA Powerlifting in Washington?

Although we do have an active Facebook page (Join our Facebook page), not everyone is on Facebook. Sign up to receive updates and information directly related to USA Powerlifting in our state. I will not share your email or send spam.

sign up!

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What Is Powerlifting?!

Watch this video to learn about competitive powerlifting.

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