State Chair:

Danna Snow lives in Spokane, WA and has been involved with USA Powerlifting since 2007. In addition to being a lifter herself, she organizes powerlifting competitions in the the state. Her passion is getting people involved in powerlifting.

USAPL Washington Worlds Team Committee

Colleen Hansford


This Committee will be made up of several members and have a private Facebook page to discuss fundraising opportunities and distribution of the funds raised.  Making a World team is a great honor and can be very expensive and we don’t want anyone not going because funds were a factor.  This position requires working with others, and attending powerlifting meets to supervise fundraising.


USAPL Washington Media Manager/Meets Promoter



This will be someone who has time to travel or travels for there job and will promote USAPL Washington local meets to all gyms in the area, and make and keep gym contacts.  In the day and age of internet, most of these things can all be done via the internet. Communicating with all meet directors in the state will be a must. They will also keep our Media presence up to date through twitter and Facebook, and whatever new social media comes next. Advertising experience or sales experience suggested but not required.