Washington State USA Powerlifting Hall of Fame

Washington State USA Powerlifting Hall of Fame


The Washington State USA Powerlifting Hall of Fame has been established to recognize the achievements of the Washington state USA Powerlifting members who are premier participants for USA Powerlifting. Selection is based on the following criteria:

  1. A highly distinguished career in the sport of powerlifting covering at least ten years as a drug free competitor at the national and international level.
  2. A career that embodied the highest levels of integrity, sportsmanship and character.
  3. Played a significant role in helping other lifters participate in the sport through service as a volunteer, coach, official or meet promoter.
  4. Is a lifetime drug free athlete.

Members of the Washington USA Powerlifting Hall of Fame assume all decision making functions for our Hall of Fame, including selection and induction of new members, operation of our Hall of Fame, and selection of the Washington USA Powerlifting “Athlete of the Year”.

Award Winners


  • Bebe Burns
  • Winifred Pristell
  • Alan Tepper


  • Ken Gack
  • Danna Snow


  • Grant Higa
  • Priscilla Ribic
  • Steve Slaven


  • Liz Masonholder


  • Jill Arnow
  • Kevin Stewart


  • Faith Ireland
  • Leamon Woodley


  • Ron White
  • Dick Schuller


  • Terry Lee
  • Roger Hendrix


  • Todd Christensen


  • Willie Austin
  • Martin Beavers
  • Yueh-Chun Chang
  • Chris Grekoff
  • Paula Houston
  • Gariel Keeble
  • Roger Silva
  • Bull Stewart