Collegiate Lifters

Individual Membership:

A collegiate lifter is a full time student, undergraduate, or graduate, in good standing (per school requirements), in a two or four year college or university. The student is eligible for collegiate status for four years in a five year consecutive period, or until reaching the age of 25. The year of eligibility is defined as passage of the National Collegiate competition, whether or not attended.

Group/Team Membership:

College group members consist of those representing one institution and who attend undergraduate or graduate full time and who are not over the age of 24 years and/or those who are its administrators or teachers (or professors) in an undergraduate or graduate school.

We have established a Washington State Collegiate Sponsorship Fund to help collegiate lifters pay for some of their expenses related to participating in Collegiate Nationals and/or Sub Junior/Junior World events.

Please use the form provided to make donations to this specific fund. We will only be able to help if the fund has money in it. As a collegiate lifter, please take responsibility in helping to gather donations by sharing with your family and friends. All donations are tax deductible (501(c)3).

Washington State Collegiate Sponsorship Fund Form: collegiate-fund

Procedures for use of funds:

  • The amount of funds available will determine the amount of reimbursement that will be awarded
  • You must submit receipts obtained while participating in Collegiate Nationals or Sub Junior/Junior Worlds
  • Written Proof of your participation must accompany the receipts
  • The State Chair must receive all above materials within 10 days after the above events via mail.
  • The State Chair will forward approved material to the National office where the Accountant will issue funds, if available
  • Mail to: Danna Snow PO Box 30046 Spokane, WA 99223